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FrontFlex: Comfortable Lace Push Up Bra

FrontFlex: Comfortable Lace Push Up Bra

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💗Back Pain Reliever

💕Allergy-Free Lace Comfort

✨Seamless Outfit Integration

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Tired of the struggle with back clasps and uncomfortable bras? Dive into the world of our FrontFlex, where convenience meets elegance. Our front closure design eliminates the age-old struggle of back clasps, ensuring you can put on your bra with ease and confidence.

Professor Joanna's Top Pick

Leading expert Professor Joanna champions our FrontFlex for its innovative front closure design. "It's every woman's solution," she says. Experience hassle-free clasping and consistent comfort for all bust sizes. Join our FrontFlex revolution.

Lift, Shape, Comfort: Cushioned Underwire Magic!

Our FrontFlex is designed to give you all the support you need without any discomfort. This special bra shapes and lifts your breasts, giving them a natural, rounded look. Plus, it helps reduce the weight on your chest, with its wide bands and straps, making sure you feel less back pain. And the best part? You'll only feel the support, not the wire underneath. It's comfort and style, all in one.

Stay Fresh, Feel Confident Every Day!

Stay cool and dry with our FrontFlex special fabric! It quickly pulls away sweat, so you don't feel damp or uncomfortable. This means you can feel confident and comfy all day long. No more worries about feeling sticky or wet; our bra makes sure you're always feeling fresh.

Lace Luxury Without the Allergy Worry!

With our FrontFlex, enjoy the beauty of lace without the itch! Our special soft lace is gentle on your skin, so you won't feel scratchy or irritated. It's perfect for wearing under t-shirts and is even safe for those with skin allergies or conditions like bra line eczema. We've made sure you can look lovely in lace while feeling totally comfy. It's the best of both worlds!

Invisible Support, Visible Elegance!

With our FrontFlex, you can wear your favorite outfits without a second thought! Our seamless bra fits perfectly under any dress or tank, giving you a smooth and natural lift. No more worrying about lines or bulges showing through your clothes. Whether it's a tight dress or a sheer top, our bra stays invisible, letting your outfit shine. It's comfy for everyday wear and gives you that sleek look you love. And if you're not completely happy, don't worry. We offer a 30-day return and money-back guarantee. So, you can try our FrontFlex with total confidence!


  • Material: Polyester, Polyamide
  • Gender: Women
  • Style: Sexy
  • Product Type: Bras
  • Design Pattern: Floral
  • Embellishments: LaceCup
  • Style: Full Cup
  • Bra Design: PaddedStrap
  • Design: Non-Convertible Straps
  • Fastening Type: Back Closure
  • Support Mechanism: Underwire


United States: 8 to 12 days

United Kingdom: 5 to 11 days

France/Germany/Austria/Italy/Spain/Netherlands: 4 to 10 days

Other EU countries: 9 to 15 days

Australia: 7 to 13 days

Canada: 9 to 15 days


We have a 30 day money back guarantee, if you aren’t satisfied simply contact customer support for further steps!

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Is the FrontFlex bra suitable for daily wear?

Absolutely! With its easy clasp, cushioned support, and stay-dry fabric, it's designed to keep you comfy and confident from sunrise to sunset. Make everyday a FrontFlex day!

I have sensitive skin. Is FrontFlex right for me?

You bet! Our FrontFlex with hypoallergenic soft lace overlay ensures an itch-free experience. Say goodbye to irritations and hello to gentle comfort.

Can I wear FrontFlex under tight-fitting clothes?

Oh, for sure! Our FrontFlex invisible seamless design ensures no bra lines or bulges. Rock that body-hugging dress with confidence!

Does the cushioned underwire really help with back pain?

It sure does! Our FrontFlex design not only lifts and shapes but also distributes weight evenly, helping alleviate back strain. It's like a gentle hug for your back!

How does the moisture-wicking fabric work?

Think of it as your personal mini air-conditioner! Our FrontFlex fabric draws sweat away, keeping you cool and dry. Perfect for those active days or warm summer afternoons.

I struggle with bra clasps. Is FrontFlex's clasp really that easy?

Our FrontFlex is as easy as snapping your fingers! The front closure design is all about convenience. No more awkward reaches or back struggles. Just snap and go!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Priya Kapoor
Seamless & Stunning

"Wearing tight dresses has never been this confident. The seamless design ensures no visible lines. Love it!",

Nina Washington
Stay-Dry All Day

"The moisture-wicking fabric is a blessing, especially during my workouts. I feel fresh and dry even after a long day."

Linda O'Connell
Bye, Back Pain!

"The cushioned underwire support has been a game-changer for my back. I feel lifted and pain-free all day."

Aisha Al-Mansoori
Everyday Essential

"FrontFlex has become my go-to bra for every occasion. The blend of comfort and style is unmatched."

Rebecca Chang
No More Allergies!

"Having sensitive skin, bras have always been a challenge. FrontFlex's allergy-free lace is a dream come true."